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Body Treatments

SPA 801 offers a comprehensive array of European Facials, skin care and body treatment rituals, including exfoliations, massages and body buffs in a tranquil environment which will transcend your body and soul.


Sugar Honey Scrub
Revitalizing treatment by exfoliation using sugar mixed with essential oils. A calming body moisturizer is then applied leaving your skin feeling like satin. Allow 1 hour.


Relax and Extract Back Treatment
The back needs attention too! Designed for deep pore cleansing and extractions. Guaranteed to cleanse and relax your back.


Remineralizing Body Wrap
This clinical treatment so designed to promote water weight loss, improve cellular regeneration and balances the metabolism. Allow 1 1/2 hours.


Detox Body Wrap
Iodine sensitive clients not recommended. Seaweed is natures greatest detoxifier. Revitalize and energize your body. Allow 1 1/2 hours.


Self Heating Body Wrap
Recommended for deep tissue detoxification, reduces muscular discomfort, inflammation, water retention and arthritis. Allow 1 1/2 hours.


Facial Treatments


801 Facial
Our signature facial is designed to detoxify and replenish your skin's natural radiance. Skin analysis, deep pore cleansing and intensive hydrating mask are applied to soothe and energize. Allow 1 hour.


Glycolic Facial
Beneficial for smoothing fine lines, deep exfoliation, evening out skin tone and reducing signs of sun damage. 10%, 20%, or 35% solution used. Allow 1 hour.

Treatment Only




Glycolic-Face & Neck
Allow 30 minutes.


Glycolic-Face & Neck Decollete
Allow 30 minutes.


Oxygenation Facial
Breathe new life into your complexion with this oxygen enriched treatment. Excellent for hydrating mature dry skin and leaving you with a smoother youthful glow.


Sensitive Skin Facial
This facial is designed specifically for individuals with highly sensitive skin. Similar to our 801 facial, this treatment is customized just for you. Allow 1 hour.


Lightly resurfaces the epidermis with a non-invasive technique. This treatment is ideal for clients who want to refresh and minimize undesirable skin conditions. Allow 45 minutes.


Series of 3 Micro-Dermabrasion


Combo Facial
801 facial incorporated with the Micro-Dermabrasion machine for deep exfoliation. Allow 1 hour.


Express Facial
Quick pick me up for the skin to leave it moisturized and refreshed. Allow 30 minutes.


Facial A La Carte

Eye Contour Treatment
with service or $40 on it's own. Cool, soothing therapy to reduce puffiness as well as diminish the appearance of fine lines and dark circles. Allow 30 minutes.


Decollete Treatment
A treatment used to smooth out the skin's texture and create a more even skin tone. Allow 30 minutes.